Effexor XR is used for treating depression, generalized or social anxiety disorder, or panic disorder.

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Effexor brand and generic (that is, not a specific brand) A medication is not generic if it contains a special chemical that can be removed during the manufacturing process, or if formulation used to make it was determined in advance not to be drug store waikiki hawaii a generic equivalent Generic medicines (including versions of brand-name medicines) must comply with current Good Manufacturing Practice regulations, including the requirement that medicine used in the preparation of drug be derived from non-toxic materials, and that the preparation be made in a sanitary, appropriate and safe manner and, where appropriate, have appropriate safeguards to prevent cross-contamination of other medicines Good manufacturing practices Good manufacturing practices (GMPs) are common used to produce medicines in an acceptable manner. Many of these practices are based upon laboratory (laboratory, agronomy, microbiology etc), in vitro (animal, human, primate labia etc), and animal biotechnological tests. Good manufacturing practice also includes environmental standards in many countries such as: Toxicity controls Purity controls Initiated procedures Sanitation requirements Process controls and records These are the standards used to guarantee safety and quality of the products as they are manufactured and sold. It is important to ensure that production facilities, pharmaceutical manufacturers, and