The International Energy and Environment Foundation (IEEF) organises a series of annual conferences and exhibitions. IEEF also runs a series of networking events. In addition IEEF hosts regular meetings and informal workshops, as well as attending other conferences and exhibitions, a number of which are supported by IEEF.






Wind Energy 2010

The use of the wind as an energy source is increasing and growing worldwide. Wind energy is an important non-fossil option to supplement fossil fuels for the generation of electricity. Currently wind energy is the fastest growing energy source in the world and in some regions wind energy has a very significant impact on the power system. This has led to interesting development of the technology in order to integrate it economically in the power system.
The "Wind Energy 2010" event unites wind industry leaders with economic development groups, municipalities, and consumers eager to play a bigger role in the use and expansion of wind energy and its economic potential. This event was showed ways to play a bigger role in the use and development of wind generated and used on-site and that it is not just an alternative, but a realistic opportunity to cut energy costs, cut carbon emissions, and make or save money.

25 November 2010
Najaf - Iraq






Solar Energy 2011

In today's climate of growing energy needs and increasing environmental concern, alternatives to the use of non-renewable and polluting fossil fuels have to be investigated. One such alternative is solar energy.
Discovering the true facts about solar energy both globally and in the region, is the objective of "Solar Energy 2011". Iraq is considered the world's best spot for solar power and the event is dedicated to be the informative hub for solar energy in the region. Solar Energy 2011 will not be limited to government and industrial application, however it will also focus on solar application for domestic and small scale application.
Of all the energy sources available, solar has perhaps the most promise. Numerically, it is capable of producing the raw power required to satisfy the entire planet's energy needs. Environmentally, it is one of the least destructive of all the sources of energy. Practically, it can be adjusted to power nearly everything. Clearly, solar energy is a resource of the future.

21 February 2011
Najaf - Iraq







nvironment 2011

All energy sources affect the environment. There is no such thing as a completely “clean” energy source. Getting the energy we need affects our environment in many different ways. Some energy sources have a greater impact than others. Fortunately, the energy industry has become increasingly aware of the importance of environmental protection and is working to reduce its long-term impact.
To combat global warming and the other problems associated with fossil fuels, Iraq must switch to renewable energy sources like sunlight, wind, hydro power, and biomass. All renewable energy technologies are not appropriate to all applications or locations, however. As with conventional energy production, there are environmental issues to be considered.
The impact of energy on the environment is determined by how much energy is used and what form of energy we choose. The objective of "Environment 2011" is to identifies some of the key environmental impacts associated with fossil fuels and also associated with renewable technologies, and suggests appropriate responses to them.

26 June 2011
Najaf - Iraq







Industrial  Applications

The use of Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) to simulate and predict fluid flows, heat transfer and associated phenomena continues to grow throughout many engineering disciplines. On the back of ever more powerful computers and graphical user interfaces CFD provides engineers with a reliable tool to assist in the design of industrial equipment often reducing or eliminating the need for performing trial-and-error experimentation. Moreover, flow modelling provides insights into our fluid flow problems that would be too costly or simply prohibitive by experimental techniques alone. The added insight and understanding gained from flow modelling gives us confidence in our design proposals, avoiding the added costs of over-sizing and over-specification, while reducing risk. This allows us to investigate more design options and "what if" scenarios than ever before. The "CFD 2012: Industrial Applications" aims to bring together academic scientists, leading engineers, industry researchers and scholar students to exchange and share their experiences and research results about the industrial applications of Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD), and discuss the practical challenges encountered and the solutions adopted.

11 February 2012
Najaf - Iraq







 Green Architecture 2012


Green architecture, or green design, is an approach to building that minimizes harmful effects on human health and the environment. The "green" architect or designer attempts to safeguard air, water, and earth by choosing eco-friendly building materials and construction practices.
Green Architecture 2012 will cover topics related to the best practices required to bridge the gap between design and service, challenges in operation and maintenance, measurement and verification, etc. Low energy architecture, high-performance buildings, building management systems, energy efficient lighting design, passive cooling systems and water management systems will be discussed at the conference, which is dedicated to architects, consultants, engineers and professionals working in the building industry.

15 April 2012
Najaf - Iraq






Green Building
Sustainable Development


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1 May 2012
Najaf - Iraq





NAJAF my Identity 2012


The International Symposium of Najaf my Identity 2012 call for recovers and employ the Najafi-Iraqi architectural theme into all buildings in whole Najaf city in general and in downtown in particular.
Najafi-Iraqi architectural theme was developed during more than 7000 years by the sequenced Iraqi civilizations. This unique theme is considered to be one of the main figures of the Njafi identity in particular and Iraqi identity in general.
Accordingly, the recovering and using of this theme means tenacity in Najafi-Iraqi identity, where the spirit of continuity with the Iraqi civilization heritage being dispread and rooted.
The call to recovering the Iraqi-Najafic theme has a scientific root and practical advantages, where the using of local materials of construction is considered as a harmonization with the environment of the city as well as the benefits of using these materials in insulation and prevention the buildings from the extremist weather and temperature scale.
The symposium of Najaf my Identity 2012 is a serious attempt aiming to call all Najafic people to take this responsibility on their shoulder and working together for Najaf harmony with its highbred historical heritage.

22 September 2012
Najaf - Iraq






 Energy and Environment Criteria in Building Design 2013


It is exciting to see the many changes that have taken place in the construction industry and the architectural/engineering professions over the last decade in the promotion of environmentally responsible buildings. Sustainable buildings use valuable resources such as energy, water, materials, and land more efficiently than buildings that are simply built to code. These green buildings are also kinder to the environment, and provide indoor spaces that are generally more healthy, comfortable, and productive. The main benefits of building green include: Reducing energy consumption, Protection of ecosystems, and Improved occupant health. Thousands of projects have been built over the last decade, providing tangible evidence of what green building can accomplish in terms of improved comfort levels, aesthetics, and energy and resource efficiency. National and local programs encouraging green building are flourishing throughout the nation as well as globally.
Energy and Environment Criteria in Building Design 2013 will bring together leading sustainability professionals, architects, designers, academic scientists, and leading engineers to discuss, debate and share best practice on design, construction and the built environment. Attendance will provide you with the very latest information on the business and practical case for building and developing in a sustainable manner. Energy and Environment Criteria in Building Design 2013 provides exceptional building science and technology knowledge on the principles and trends of green building.

26 January 2013
Najaf - Iraq







 CFD 2013
Building and Urban Design


Design of buildings has to follow rules and regulations particularly when it comes to human comfort. Locations and dimensions of buildings relative to each other have an important effect on the wind flow and its effect on the surrounding areas. Building ventilation can affect building performance in many ways. Efficient ventilation and airflow improves occupant comfort and safety, enhances worker productivity, increases equipment performance and longevity, and reduces building maintenance and operating costs. One of the major environmental concerns is the air pollution. Indoor and outdoor air pollution are a main problem faced by designers and engineers when designing ventilation inlets and outlets of a building. CFD is used to calculate air movement, temperatures, smoke migration, and chemical or particulate migration in any indoor or outdoor environment. By using CFD early in the design cycle, the design team may optimize the ventilation systems in their buildings providing both a healthy environment for the inhabitants and potential energy savings due to mechanical system improvements.
The "CFD 2013: Building and Urban Design" aims to bring together academic scientists, leading engineers, researchers and scholar students to exchange and share their experiences and research results about the roles of CFD in building design, demonstrating its typical application in designing a thermally-conformable, healthy and energy-efficient building.

2 February 2013
Najaf - Iraq






Kids' Environment 2013


Everything we do has an impact on the world around us-from the clothes we wear and food we eat to the gardens we grow and the trash we throw away. And to take the best care of the earth-and ourselves-it's important to make smart choices.
Kids' Environment 2013 environmental education program for youth who care about the planet. It offers interactive, fun, educational games and activities that utilize participants’ willingness to learn. Children are encouraged to form their own opinions, make decisions, get involved and understand the impact their own actions have on the environment. Kids' Environment 2013 promotes a greater understanding and respect for animals, plants, water, soil, air and energy systems. Helps children comprehend the positive and negative environmental effects of our actions, to get kids excited about protecting the environment.


21 March 2013
Najaf - Iraq






Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) is computer-based simulation of predicting what will happen when fluids (gases & liquids) flow. CFD complements experimental and analytical approaches by providing an alternative cost-effective mean of simulating real-life flow problems. CFD has now become a leading research, educational, and design tool. It is being used to better understand physical events and processes and perform numerical experiments. Most importantly, it has now become a design tool by providing capabilities to facilitate design optimization, reduce design bottlenecks and improve engineering performance, enhance communications, and answer what-if questions. CFD is now routinely used to solve complex flow problems in vast number of industrial applications.

The aim of the course "Introduction to CFD" is to provide an introduction to the theory and application of computational techniques for predicting fluid flow and heat and mass transfer in engineering applications, industrial plant, and equipment. Lectures are given on the main elements of the methodology underlying the majority of CFD computer codes, including the governing differential equations and numerical methods for solving them. The lectures are complemented by tutorials. The lectures are followed by a coursework project in which the users will gain experience in the use of commercial CFD software package to explore a range of flow problems.

5-10 April 2013
Najaf - Iraq






NAJAF my Identity 2013


The continuation of the conference Najaf My Identity 2012 and in order to achieve all the goals that called for, the organizer of the conference, the International Energy and Environment Foundation (IEEF) establishes Najaf My Identity 2013. Conference Najaf My Identity 2013 comes in order to formulate a management list to keep the heritage and urban identity of the holy city of Najaf, which includes a set of standards that would save the urban patterns in the old city and highlight its distinctive civilization. This management list has been formulated based on international charters on urban heritage and religious cities, which have been prepared by the International Council on Monuments and Sites (ICOMOS) and United Nations Educational, Science and Cultural Organization (UNESCO). The preservation of the identity of Najaf is done through three basic themes: Keep all the heritage places of the city of Najaf, with its sense of the patterns of urban and distinctive heritage, and maintain it from erosion and extinction, and in accordance with the international standards; The development of standards and regulations that govern the process of designing buildings to be built in the old city of Najaf and in line with the features and patterns inherent architectural and heritage of the city; and Preserving the traditional renewable energy systems and sustainability principles in the heritage buildings of the old city of Najaf, and collect, disseminate and promote research in the area of energy conservation and sustainable development in those buildings.
In order to succeed all these efforts, the organizer of the conference was keen to invite all stakeholders in this regard; Iraqi and international experts, academics, decision-makers in the government and local executive bodies associated with them, community figures, and activists citizens of the city. We hope that this management list will be model regulations in order to preserve the identity of all Iraqi cities.

26 October 2013
Najaf - Iraq





Prize for Preserve the Architectural Heritage Identity of the Cities

In order to encourage the Iraqi society to hold on the Precious heritage value of Iraqi heritage cities and preserve its identity, the International Energy and Environment Foundation (IEEF) has decided to grant an annual Prize for Preserve the Architectural Heritage Identity of the Cities, for two buildings, the first one for an old heritage building maintained by its owners and the other one grants to a modern building was designed according to the architectural heritage theme that constitute the identity of the city.

26 October 2013
Najaf - Iraq







CFD 2014