SILDENAFIL - ORAL (sill-DEN-uh-fil) COMMON BRAND NAME(S): Kamagra. This medication is used to treat male sexual function problems (erection problems).

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Kamagra 100 online bestellen /allgemeine-hochzeiten. In the first batch of drugs, in the fall 1999, a company based in Cologne, Germany, was caught using a chemical that made its customers sick when taking it recently. The company was fined $20 million. Wendt says he found out about his own troubles when a colleague told him that he, or she, was looking for a similar product and told him to go out and buy it from a drugstore. He was shocked, Wendt says, to see no such product in his local pharmacy and quickly returned the prescription. Wendt's trial started in November 1999. "At first you're afraid what's going to happen," he says. But at the end of month, he says, defense attorney Robert Baehr asked him who was in charge of the trial and who was handling this. "I said to him, 'It's a simple question: Who do you want to have the trial in your courtroom? Whoever you prefer,'" Wendt says. He says Baehr responded: "You have no case." The trial was transferred to a court in the northeastern town of Leipzig, Wendt says. An appeals court in January ordered Wendt's case to open again, in line with the case law. appeal court said the prosecution had failed to document a single witness and that the defense had not been properly advised to object the charges at all. defense had filed a request, along with five others, to appeal the sentence of three years; now defense attorney Baehr says there are 30 similar cases. Wendt's own lawyer, Reinhard Brüderle says this is an enormous waste of state resources. "I am not trying to defend this sort of sentence, but it is a very serious sentence," he says. The trial was far from being efficient. In each hearing the judge could see a few pictures on TV screen, some showing medical pictures or sketches of the witnesses. He says trial started at nine a.m. in the morning and ended at nine kamagra tablets online co uk in the evening; it took until Monday, Jan. 10, five days later, before the court had finished all of its work, including the presentation of all evidence. In the end, judge reduced Wendt's prison sentence to time served — two months. For four months, he will be placed under house arrest, but after March 10, he will have to kamagra tablets online report once a month police station in Leipzig. Wendt will be banned from entering the country. He believes the appeals court decision to reject his appeal was politically motivated. "I don't think there's anything behind this," he says. The cheap drugstore lip liner prosecution, notes, did not request his release at the outset: "The government did not ask to have the accused released by appeals court. If they had done that, I would not have had any problem." Brüderle says he is very surprised by this: "If the prosecution didn't want him there, why did they make the request and bring him on trial?" He says had no idea that the trials of four other accused involved drugs, which raises other questions about the prosecution's conduct. Wendt, who was in the courtroom to witness proceedings, says he believes that the two sides have had a difference of opinion as to whether the drug investigation should have been opened in the first place. "But that doesn't change the fact he was actually caught in these facts and I was caught in these facts," he says. "That's a fact."

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